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Pet Care: Treating respiratory, eye infections in cats not always simple

Stockton Record - Mar 17, 2017
When I was primarily a day veterinarian, one of the most challenging things to treat was chronic infectious eye problems in cats. Feline herpes virus — or rhinotracheitis — is a primary contributor to this malady. Feline herpes virus initially ...

Extended soft contact use could lead to eye infections

KING5.com - Feb 17, 2017
The CDC says nearly one in five contact-related eye infections damage the eye. Knauf urges patients to only use hard contact lenses or soft daily disposable lenses, and don't wear any contacts if you're going to be around plants or animals for long ...

Do your contact lenses raise your risk of a serious eye fungus infection?

WDIV Detroit - Feb 20, 2017
The CDC said nearly one in five contact lens-related eye infections damage the eye. Symptoms include blurry vision, eye redness or pain, tearing or discharge, increased sensitivity to light and a sensation of having something in the eye. Dr. Herbert ...

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Eye Infections, Blindness and Myopia by Jeffrey Higgins


Eye Infections, Blindness and Myopia by Hardcover Book (English)


Common Eye Infections by Ray George.


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Manual of Retinal Diseases: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management

This book is a comprehensive source of authoritative information on the clinical features,diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and management of medical and surgical retinal diseases. The Manual has 122 chapters, organized in 18 sections covering medical and surgical aspects of retinal diseases such as trauma, AMD, Uveitis, infections, endophthalmitis, pediatric diseases, dystrophies, and tumors. Easy-to-read chapters convey the fundamental concepts with the aid of clinical photographs, imaging studies (including fluorescein and indocyanine angiograms, ultrasonograms, CT scans, and MRI scans) and tables.
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Ocular Infections

Ocular infections remain an important cause of ocular morbidity and loss of vision, yet many are preventable or curable. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment help in the control of such infectious disorders and the prevention of blindness. There are many infectious diseases of the eye and adnexa and knowledge of their diagnosis and management is essential to an optimal therapeutic outcome.

This book provides the practitioner with the important information required to ensure appropriate diagnosis and management of ocular infectious diseases.
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Antiseptic Prophylaxis and Therapy in Ocular Infections: Principles, Clinical Practice and Infection Control

This volume collects for the first time interdisciplinary findings in ophthalmology concerning effectiveness and indications of antiseptics for the prophylaxis and therapy of infections. The first part discusses the use of various antiseptics against colonization, contamination and infection of the eye caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus and protozoa in comparison to topical antibiotics. The spectrum of action, the risk of resistance of only microbiostatic active agents and the galenic requirements of antiseptics are included as well as the local and systemic tolerance.
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Mycosis of the Eye and Its Adnexa: With a contribution by R. Rüchel

by: W. Behrens-Baumann
This volume presents the current knowledge on ocular mycology in its various diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. It is an extended translation of ‘Pilzerkrankungen des Auges’ by the same author. The first chapter on general mycology is a contribution by R. Rüchel (Goettingen), and summarizes the relevant fungi and their classification. The following chapters describe antimycotic drugs including their systemic and topical administration, orbital infections such as mucor or aspergillosis together with their palpebral and lacrimal involvement.
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Types of Eye Infections

Types of eye infections: Conjunctivitis or pink eye Sty or hordeolum Blepharitis Orbital cellulitis Keratitis Dacryocystitis Like Us on: ...

Eye Infections


Eyes infections Relief - 322.53hz Isochronic 90hz Binaural - Brainwave Entrainment

Eyes infections Relief. 322.53 is the isochronic, and 90 hz is the binaural tone playd here. Frequencies by new CAFL 2010: More frequencies to Eye Infections ...

Eye Infections

presentation on different types of eye infections and their management.

Ask The Expert - Dr. Gabriel Sosne - Pink Eye and Viral Eye Infections

Dr. Gabriel Sosne, Ophthalmologist with DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital in Metro Detroit, explains the symptoms and treatment of Pink Eye. What people call \